Rumormill: Microsoft to Purchase Nokia





According to Eldar Murtazin, Microsoft is entering negotiations to buy Nokia as early as next week. This is in addition to their acquisition of Skype just last week.

Things are really heating up in Redmond as Microsoft arms up for war in the next version of the Social Web. I believe this acquisition is likely for a couple reasons:

  1. Nokia has gradually shifted to be more closely aligned with Microsoft
    -They changed to Windows Phone 7 OS almost in a vacuum
    -They discarded the Ovi moniker on their phones
  2. The CEO of Nokia is an Ex-Microsoft Employee

With these stars aligned, and with the recent Skype acquisition, it would seem that Microsoft is making a play to be a 21st century network operator. In theory, Microsoft and Skype could operate a fully IP telephony system, terminating cheaply to the Public Phone Network and resulting in low cost calls to anywhere in the world. With Microsoft’s engineers, Skype’s Intellectual Property and Nokia’s Hardware design, we could see a rebirth of Microsoft as a force in technology.

Or, we could see something quite the opposite. Knowing Microsoft either possibility is likely.

In summation, Microsoft may soon purchase Nokia. If Microsoft can integrate Skype and Nokia into their organization successfully, we could see new products and a new vision from Redmond. Only time will tell. Here’s hoping Microsoft can return to the days of daring revolution and constant iteration.

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