Top 10 Blog Articles from 2012 for

2012 was a blur. I can’t believe the year is almost out. As is appropriate when faced with the Rapture and the End of days in the same year, we’re doing a bit of a review today. Here are the top 10 posts, in no particular order, that I selected from my writings over the past year.

Check them out If you have time!

[1] The first selection is an article on our Northern Cousins from Waterloo: RIM. Sadly, the two-headed beast sitting atop the castle is no more, but there’s certainly a lot that’s still worth fixing up North. Check it out here!

[2] The second selection is about disaster recovery. If Sandy taught us anything, it’s that communication and customer awareness are of paramount importance during major cataclysmic events. Read it here!

[3] The third selection involves me correctly predicting the open-sourcing of patents. Check out my powers of prognostication here!

[4] The fourth selection is about Software defined networking and another correct prediction. As stated, Nicira represented market validation andit’s precisely the reason we’ve seen so much M&A activity in the space. Check it out here!

[5] The fifth selection is a policy piece on Google’s positioning with respect to Google Fiber. Read more here!

[6] The sixth selection is about Nokia and the ridiculous things they’ve done up North while trying to get back on track. Nokia should drop $MSFT, but one never knows… Read about Nokia dropping the ball here!

[7] The seventh selection is on the rationality of trust and identity with the current security climate. Hint: It’s not pretty. Read more about Identity and Authentication here! 

[8] The eighth selection is about the ITU, and, specifically, who pays for bandwidth and why. Read it here! This was my most popular piece ever.

[9] The ninth selection is on Jaron Lanier and the nature of Reality. ‘Nuff Said. Read it here!

[10] The tenth and final selection is on the Audacity of Hope. Dare to dream.

It’s been a wonderful year, I am very thankful for where I am today. I look forward to another great year of writing. Thanks for reading my work and have a great holiday season!