Finding the Prettiest Girl at the Dance

The State of the Art in Unified Communications is becoming boring. Telling the difference between vendors is becoming an exercise in the minute details of RFP processes. It wasn’t always this way, and here my friend Dave Michels of TalkingPointz has some comments from the recent UCSummit:

Along those same lines, I think it is getting a little harder for the vendors to stand out. And I am personally getting a little bored now with some of the demonstrations that show things like making a call on an iPad, or being able to receive a call on a mobile device, things like that. It’s just not as compelling as it once was. And in that light, I find it interesting how, particularly among the dealers, there is such religion and loyalty to the different brands, and but the differences between the products are becoming less and less. So there is a little bit of a discrepancy there. And why is this particular product so much better than the others? The answers are becoming very similar. And I think it is going to be a big challenge for the vendors moving forward as they have to differentiate the products as the gaps are getting smaller. (Emphasis Mine)

-Dave Michels

Could not agree more; it’s getting really hard to tell the differences between UC vendors. I mean it was always bad in the hosted space, but now, the differentiation between Unified Communications Vendors of any kind is becoming nonsensical. Everyone does the same thing; how can you pick the prettiest girl out at the dance if they all look the same?

That’s why I’m so proud to work at 2600hz, where we’re doing things differently.

  • Open-Source so you don’t have to pay us to run our tech
  • APIs for everything so you can actually build new services
  • It’s designed for real people to use it (Focus on UI/UX)

Differentiation is the opposite of commoditization, but I would argue that in Telecom we need a bit of commoditization to produce new innovation. The thesis is that if we give away this technology, folks will build new services and we’ve seen amazing creations like:

So yes Dave, the world is becoming a commodity, voice is going to zero, but what’s going to really change the world is the building blocks of new telecoms. If we seed the world with the necessary components of new services, they will build things that will blow everyone’s mind. I can’t wait to see what the users of Kazoo design.

Disclaimer: I’m the VP of Marketing and Community Manager for 2600hz. My opinions are my own and do not reflect the opinions of my company. All writings on this blog are mine and mine alone.