Genesys Vendor Update


Genesys is the phone division of Alcatel-Lucent. They are one of the top vendors in the world for Enterprise Call Centers. They provide highly customized solutions for massive contact centers and they have business solutions which are robust.

Genesys is not a modular solution in that each of its installations are virtually unique. Recently Genesys started offering a hosted product which I haven’t seen in the wild yet. The key advantages of the Genesys solution are their unique approach to business verticals and their Consultative approach.

Genesys goes after a number of verticals with industry-specific solutions such as debt collection and customer engagement (Customer Service). These individualized solutions are proven within their vertical and go along with the business advice provided. Another key tenet of the Genesys approach is their consultative business practices. There is a portion of Genesys’ revenue which is derived from consulting and not sales.

Genesys is a fantastic product within their chosen verticals but custom managed installations are costly.