Cisco Vendor Update

Cisco is the elephant in the room. Whenever any discussion of Video conferencing begins, theirs is the first name mentioned. It’s no wonder that Cisco is the center of the conversation, a testament to their massive investment in video technology. Cisco believes Video is the next data revolution and they’ve been positioning themselves at the crux of the issue.

Cisco coined the term Telepresence to describe immersive video conferencing. From room lighting to the color of the paint to the brand of TV, Cisco’s approach involves complete control of the customer experience; they leave nothing to chance. While the cost of installation has come down significantly from the days of launch, Cisco is still the marquee option when it comes to Telepresence.

More and more companies are finding a need for video within their operations and Cisco is poised to take advantage of this trend. Their pricing is not cheap, but the solution is unparalleled. A full cisco installation of their high-end CTS-3200 (for 18 people) is over $350,000 per site but the attention to detail can validate the price. It is difficult to imagine a system working in this manner without all of the almost absurd effort Cisco puts in to making the system function precisely as designed.

Smaller Cisco Telepresence installs are under $100,000, but they are still the cost leader in the market. What you get, for the admittedly obscene price tag, is the best video installation on Earth. Cisco’s only problem now is justifying this price in light of some of the lower cost market entrants.

Video is a huge market and Cisco appears to be the leader but it’s still too early to tell. One thing is certain: if you have deep pockets you can’t do better than Cisco.